July 8, 2008

One if by Land…… Two if by Sea

Everyone seems to be telling about their July 4th holiday fun on their blogs ... not to be outdone, here’s what we did. We did things on the Land and on the Sea, so let's start with the land portion.

One if by LAND

Since the 4th of July is a Patriotic Holiday, what better place to go than to Massachusetts - as in Paul Revere, Old North Church, etc. However, all the old history is not just in Boston, so we went north of Boston. I now have a new place I want to retire (actually any place with big old historical homes makes it to my list, but this was especially nice). We spent time in Ipswich, which has 50 pre-colonial homes (1625-1725), more than any other town in New England. 

Just north of Ipswich is Newburyport which was settled in the 1630s and also has really wonderful old homes. I’m still working on David as somehow his idea of retiring doesn’t involve an old historical home to maintain!

We also spent time in Rockport, which is a great little ocean town on Cape Ann north of Gloucester with lots of fun sights and sounds….

We'll have to wait for another day to go sea-kayaking, but at least David bought a T-shirt from this place.

When we sat on the point watching the ocean and eating our elephant ears, we thought of Nicole as we sat on that same point last year, ate elephant ears and watched the ocean!

Not wanting to miss out on any fun, after church on Sunday we took the Mohawk Trail (Rt #2) west all along the northern part of Massachusetts, including the Berkshire mountains. It was great fun, wonderful scenery, and educational. (Ask us about the Bear Swamp Project sometime).

Two if by SEA 

Now, as it turns out the Sea portion was great as well.  We took a 4-hour whale watch out of Gloucester harbor (made famous by Gorton's and The Perfect Storm) and we loved it!  We traveled about 20 miles out to the NE corner of the Stellwagen Banks where the whales feed on the plentiful fish and other whale delicacies.  We saw 2 huge Finback whales, 5-6 small Minke whales, and probably 20 Humpback whales.

Getting ready to head out to sea aboard the 7 Seas Whale Watch ...

Leaving Gloucester Harbor ...

The first major sighting was a mighty Finback Whale off starboard.  Finbacks are the 2nd largest whale at 60-75 feet and can swim at 30 mph. 

Here are a couple of shots of the Humpbacks.  It was awesome watching (and hearing) the blows and watching them roll and dive ...

Mother and baby Humpback enjoying a leisurely July 4th swim ...

Time for a little tail-wagging ...


Wasn't that fun!  Headed back to shore and a lobster dinner ...

What a fun mini-vacation!!!  We only wish some of you were here with us!!

At Home

At Home
Cooking in the new kitchen