November 8, 2009

Portland Head Light - Maine

For David's birthday and the end of summer, we took a mini-vacation to Cape Ann, MA and the south coast of Maine. Here are some of the pics from Portland Head Light.

Here are the two of us, just to prove that we really were there...

And a full view of the Lighthouse.

Or you can choose the Artist's rendition...

One of the cool sights was a sailing ship headed for the Deep Blue beyond, sailing out of the harbor and past one of the smaller lights... (Let us know which picture you like best)

Heading out of the channel...

Approaching the small light.

And passing it by.

Or you can opt for a luxury yacht coming into the Harbor.

A view of the waves. We sat on a bench above the rocks and enjoyed the sun and the sound of the waves for a long, long time.

A parting view of Portland Head.

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At Home
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