July 26, 2008

Can you play it? Yes Wii Can!!

As some of you know, the Father of the house received a “virtual” gift for Father's Day – which has a double meaning since it involves virtual sports, but also because it wasn't really there.  What that all means is that he received a Nintendo Wii, but not really, since they are in short supply and Mom couldn't actually locate one in time.  But she searched really diligently and the local Radio Shack was able to snag one of 5 in the country for that week.

Since then we have had a lot of fun bowling, and playing tennis, baseball and golf.  Boxing has been taboo however since Maryelen almost knocked herself out with the wild Nunchuck swings.  At any rate she is now Pro Level at bowling and I've only managed to beat her one time.  We'll look forward to playing with any of you, whenever you come to visit.

Now that we're totally into this Wii thing, if Maryelen can only find a Wii Fit without paying Double Price on E-Bay, then she can get in top shape --- and do Yoga at home like this.  David will probably be content to do the ski racing...

At Home

At Home
Cooking in the new kitchen